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Cardiff bathroom fitters

One of the questions that you might be asking yourself in the new year would be why choose our Cardiff bathroom fitters in 2021. Within this article we will go through all of the great points we have to make as to why you would want to purchase our services and have your new bathroom fitted in 2021.

A little bit of background

TradeForce has been supplying expert bathroom design and installation services in Cardiff for thirty plus years and is your number one choice for your new bathroom installation. Being regional professionals that service all over south Wales and parts of England we are your friendly and trust choice when it comes to design and customer service.

Designing bathrooms has been a long-standing passion of ours for as long as we can remember, and as a local family run service you know that every effort we provide is carefully considered as we offer our educated suggestions for your bathroom installation Cardiff.

Our Cardiff Bathroom fitters

All of the tradesmen we employ are certified and we guarantee that our premier bathroom fitters Cardiff will not be beaten! We understand that choosing a company when it comes to your home can be a stressful venture, so, for your total peace of mind let us take this burden off your shoulders and let our checkatrade approved company with many positive reviews take your Cardiff bathroom installation to a whole new level.

Our bathroom fitters in Cardiff will offer to take care of the entire process from start to finish, as we will take care of any flooring, tiling, electrical work, decoration and building alteration that might come with the job. We will inform you on the step-by-step process we have as well as any issues we might face and alterations that might have to take place, but we will inform you and make sure that you are alright with that first!

We value our customers ideas as well, as we will work with you and your expectations for your new bathroom. Whatever your budget for the project we will make sure that it is done to your expectations to show that our Cardiff bathroom fitters can deliver.

We will take away all of the stress you might be experiencing when it comes to designing and installing your new bathroom, as we want our customers to be happy with our service and will make sure we provide the best service available as that is the standard of our Cardiff bathroom fitters.

Extra services provided by our bathroom fitters Cardiff

Not only do our bathroom fitters in Cardiff provide excellent servicing to your bathroom but they also provide a number of other magnificent services. See below for more information:

  • Cardiff Bathroom Installation
  • Cardiff Electrical work
  • Cardiff Plumbing
  • Central heating in Cardiff
  • Cardiff Boiler Installation
  • Cardiff Electric Boilers

As you can see, we offer many incredible services when it comes to our one-of-a-kind Cardiff bathroom fitters. All of our tradesmen are qualified to do any of the jobs above and we come with a guarantee that they will be done to near perfection.

How can you get in touch with our Cardiff bathroom fitters?

There are many ways for you to get in touch with our bathroom fitters in Cardiff. Luckily for our clients we have a simple contact form on our website which we use to communicate with our clients on a regular basis.

If you want to book an appointment then we have an appointments page where you can book for a free no-obligation appointment. Please be aware that the areas which are greyed out are days or times that we are full that day.

You can always give us a call on 02921 690 085 and we will either pick up the phone or if we are busy get back to you as soon as we can.

We try to reach all of our clients and potential clients as soon as possible but as you can imagine we are a business and in the peak times of the business, this might take a couple of hours to get back to you!