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Legend has it that when Albert Einstein once asked what he would do if he could start all over again, his pat reply was that he would become a plumber! The Plumbers and the Steamfitters Union were so impressed that they honored him with their membership and gifted him plumber’s tools made of gold! 

We often seem to take plumber services for granted till the time emergencies strike. That is why, today, we have decided to highlight the critical role that they play in our lives. We have compiled a list of facts that everyone should know about them. 

1. Challenges galore! A plumber can never have a stereotypical workday planned out. It is because their days are all different. One day they could be working at the construction site fitting dishwashers in the new kitchens, and the next day they could be attending an emergency gas leak call! 

Every day is a challenge for them. Every task is unique but what is consistent are their professionalism and the integrity with which they approach the work at hand with their technical knowledge. 

2. Regular maintenance of kitchen plumbing lines is essential to keep away the nasty smells. Given the opportunity, most plumbers do not want to work around the kitchen garbage disposal. Why! This is because people overuse their kitchen disposals and dump them with substances that aren’t even meant to go there. 

The grease and the animal fat disposed down the sinks can give out an odor that is worse than human waste. Decaying animal fat gives out the most unpleasant smells. It is a good idea to wash down the sink with lemon juice and ice once in a while and make sure that you call the plumbers in Cardiff to maintain the pipeline as often as possible. 

3. Plumbing is a high-risk job. Plumbers almost risk their safety to fix pipes in high water pressure areas and sometimes climb up dizzying heights to do their job. Many of us do not think it is a dangerous situation but think of the water pressure when a pipe burst suddenly. 

A plumber working on a hydrant can be up against water pressure measuring a few hundred gallons per minute. Add to this the dangerous chemicals they handle, heavy equipment that they carry and wield, and their exposure to germs and diseases. 

Plumbers undergo stringent safety training before they work in Cardiff or anywhere. Their training involves taking all precautions and studying all risks before undertaking it. And you thought their job was easy!

4. YouTube’s videos don’t make a plumber. If you are an avid DIYer and are proud of your plumbing skills, it is excellent. Yet, some things around the house are not meant for DIY projects. You cannot only end up damaging your property beyond repair but also end up risking your safety and the safety of the other inmates of the house. Damage from water is the worst kind and can cost you a lot of money to fix.

5. Plumbers are equal to skilled workers. Real plumbing work is much beyond pouring down liquid drain cleaners or replacing defective faucets. Calling the emergency plumbing services is going to be a life-saving exercise when you have a heater burst, gas leaking in your home, or even frozen pipes in sub-zero weather conditions. Experienced plumbers are always in demand. Plumbers also specialize in fields such as residential plumbing and commercial plumbing. You may want to determine what they specialize in when you are zeroing in on the best emergency plumber service for your premises. 

Some skills that plumbers display is great dexterity working in tight places that also need a lot of strength to hold heavy pipes and tools steady. They have good motor skills to be able to hold and use tiny objects such as bolts, screws, etc. they have good eyesight and may be able to read fine prints and interpret blueprints with elan.

6. Never delay calling in the professionals. Small plumbing issues can blow up into bigger problems, not only catching you unawares but could also turn dangerous. Your home plumbing system needs to be regularly maintained. For instance, you must periodically pump out the contents from the septic tank to not overflow.

7. You save a lot of money by calling in the professionals. An annual visit by a plumber will help you maintain your equipment and fixtures without having to replace them soon. They can tell you justify the cost of each fitting that you have installed with your hard-earned money. Regular maintenance is cheaper than paying huge amounts of money to fix it later or pay fines to the local authorities. 

8. Plumbing is a great career move. It may not sound as glamorous, but it benefits from jumping straight into the job and learning hands on each day. When it comes to learning to plumb, you are not expected to pump in hundreds of dollars in colleges. Experience is the king, and beginning work early means that you begin earning experience right from day one.

9. Do your homework before choosing emergency services. If you are in Cardiff and looking to register with an emergency plumbing service or you’d like an on-call plumber to visit you and check your plumbing, make sure you opt for experienced plumbers. You can ask around friends and family for recommendations and look for testimonials on the internet to zero in on the plumbing service you think will work for you. 


Life as we know it today would not have been as safe and as hygienic without the introduction of plumbing. Plumbers are critical service providers, and they deserve due recognition. However, beyond that, you must maintain the plumbing systems in homes and work premises from time to time. If you spot something out of place or sense danger, do not delay calling in the plumbers in Cardiff. It can save lives to act at the right time.