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Here at Trade Force many of our clients ask us why we are the best Cardiff electricians and we thought it was time to tell you all about us. Obviously in the current climate of the pandemic is a bit difficult but we still manage, as people still need their electric sorting out, making us an essential service.

What Does It Take to Be A Successful Electrician?

Our Cardiff electricians have successfully developed many technical skills over the years of work they have been doing for us. So, here are a few personality traits that they have developed along the way as well.

Honesty: It is important that you are always 100% transparent with your clients, honesty and integrity go a long way in establishing a relationship with any client and this is a sure way of doing so. Operate ethically and if there is a problem make sure that the client is informed of this, by doing that they will see your honesty for what it is. Honesty is also a great way to build a trusting relationship with your client.

Reliability: Being a reliable Cardiff electrician is one of the best things you can be, as being able to turn up on time and work within the hours you have agreed goes a long way to creating a good standing relationship. Any professional in any trade needs to have this characteristic, otherwise, you won’t have much look finding work. If you cannot get the job done, on time and right the first time then as a professional Cardiff electrician you won’t be trusted to do other jobs similar by that particular client. This is a life skill that most people should have!

Patience: You know the saying and how it goes that patience is of the essence. Well, if you are one of the incredible Cardiff electricians then patience is of the upmost importance. Because, if you decide to do something without thinking or even a bit to quickly there is chance of hurting yourself and others around you. Therefore, safety and patience are a key element to all of our Cardiff electricians here at Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance.

Consistency: Whilst you are working on a job make sure you keep the effort that you provide to the same level, which is the best at all times. Staying focused is incredibly important as well, as you will need both your body and mind to be like a well-oiled machine, otherwise, if you cause a mistake it could possibly be a matter of life and death for some poor fellow, or even yourself.

One thing to understand if you are a Cardiff electrician is that you work for a business and you need to have a few traits like our Cardiff electricians that will reciprocate this.

Time management: Similar to our reliability write up, time management is key when it comes to our Cardiff electricians and for just about any job around as well. Having impeccable time management skills is hard but even then, having the ability to finish the job on time is something everyone must learn. At the end of the day, the ability to manage your time well and complete tasks on time will make you extremely sought-after by clients.

Customer service ability: The ability to make every customer or client happy is a skill that everyone needs in this day of age, especially a Cardiff electrician. Treating a customer with respect no matter the question goes a long way. Developing this skill can take time, however, is one of the best life skills you could ever want.

Working well with others: This is something that is developed throughout your time in school, however, fine tuning it is very important as you will need to get your mind stuck in on the job. It is an incredibly valuable skill that some lucky people find easy, however, some do not and it is important to learn this skill as you will be working with a few people on a job.

Paper work skills: We know it isn’t the most exciting time of the day but being able to understand the simplicities of business can go far. This of course equates too filing, the basics of accounting and other office procedures can really go far in any business.

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There are a few ways that you can get in touch with us and for us to start work on your property!

The first would be to call us up directly on 02921 690 085 and one of our dedicated team will answer any questions about our business and services that you may have. If we aren’t available on the phone then we will get back to you as soon as you can.

This ties in with our second option which is to fill one of the many forms on our website out. We usually get back to our clients as soon as possible, but depending on how busy we are we could take longer.