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One of the most common problem people faces in their day to life is plumbing problems. These problems can arise anytime in your life. 

Billions of people face common plumbing problems like leaking taps, drainage problems, hot water problems, etc.

In order to solve these problems, you need to call a professional plumber. A plumber is a person who provides various plumbing services.

What is Plumbing?

Plumbing is the most important system in our house. It connects all the pipes, tanks and fixtures in our house so that we can get water supply and gas supply. Moreover, it also takes care of all the dirty water and drains it from our house into the sewage.

It includes water supply, heating, cooling, gas supply and waste removal. When you build a house from scratch, you need to call a plumber to install the plumbing system in your house. Without a plumbing system, one cannot live in a house. 

Contrary to popular belief, the plumbing system is needed everywhere. This service is not just for households and residential area. You need plumbing system in residential as well as commercial areas. Where there is water, there is the plumbing system.

Plumbers Cardiff:

A plumber is a person who provides plumbing services. Plumbers Cardiff is known for providing a variety of services. They provide services as per the plumbing problems faced by the people in Cardiff.

As it is a principal city, there are many residential and commercial areas in this city. It is a very popular tourist destination as well. Because of all these reasons the people in Cardiff need plumbing services.

You will mostly find two kinds of plumbers in this city. There are professional licensed plumbers as well as unlicensed plumbers.

Unlicensed plumbers don’t have proper training and license. They charge a lesser price for their services. However, it is not safe. They don’t cover all the damages, and they don’t have proper training.

On the other hand, licensed plumbers are qualified and trained. They have a license to perform the job. They charge an affordable price for their services. It is wise to go with professional plumbers Cardiff.

If you want all-round service, you can go with Trade Force. They provide local plumbing services in Cardiff. They are affordable and cover all types of plumbing services.

Common Plumbing Problems:

People in Cardiff face various plumbing problems. Here are some of the most common problems the people face with plumbing.

  • Problems with Boiler: As it is a cold region, most of the people face problems with the boiler. A plumber can easily solve any problems with the boiler.
  • Leaking Pipes: Most of the time, when the pipes wear-out, you will face problems like leaking pipe.
  • Blocked Drains: Over a period of time, debris accumulates in the drainage system, thereby blocking it.
  • Heater Repairs: After a few years of use, you need to repair your heater as it undergoes wear and tear.
  • Faulty Valves: Problems with valve is very common. The valve might get jammed or become loose.
  • Overflow Problem: The water tank in your house might overflow because of faulty plumbing.
  • Toilet Problems: You might also face problems with toilet flush and toilet pipes.

Types of Plumbing Services:

Plumbers Cardiff provides various types of plumbing services. The services are commonly divided into three categories depending on the type of plumbers.

Residential Plumbing Services:

It includes all the plumbing services in residential households. These services are different than all the other types of plumbing services as it is specific to the residential areas. The plumbers who provide these services are known as residential plumbers. It is one of the most common types of service. If you are living in any residential area in Cardiff, you can approach a residential plumbers Cardiff. They cover various plumbing services.

  • Drainage Services: 

This is the most common plumbing problem people face. It is the nastiest problem. Most of the time, the drain in your house gets blocked due to dirt, debris and hair. It can happen in your bathroom, sink or even the toilet. The drainage problem often results in the slow movement of the water, clogs and flooding. Instead of going into the sewage, the dirty water stays in and flows outside on the surface. There is a foul odour as well. Sometimes you can solve this problem on your own, but if it becomes worse, you need to call professional plumbers to help you. They will clean the drain and repair it if it is broken. If the problem is severe, they will even repair the underground sewer.

  • Water Supply Services:

You might face various problems with the water supply. It includes all the pipes, tanks, valves and taps. If you face problems like overflowing tank, leakage, blockages or backflow, you can approach a residential plumber. If you want to install new tanks, pipes, water taps or sink, the plumbers can help you. It includes the installation of a new water supply system as well as maintenance of the system. You can do it for the kitchen as well as bathrooms.

  • Gas Leaks and Water Leaks:

These two problems are very common in residential areas. Gas leak problem can be very dangerous. If the pipe is broken, the gas will start leaking out of it. So if you smell gas in the house, immediately call your local plumber. They will come immediately and check the issue. If the pipe is broken, they will fix it. You might also face water leakage. Your bathroom might leak which might result in the damp ceiling. Plumber Cardiff can fix the leakage problems. It mostly happens due to broken internal pipes.

  • Heater Installation and Repair:

The heater is necessary for households in Cardiff. So if you want to install a new heater or want to repair your old heater, you can call a plumber. They will check the problem with your heater and come up with a solution. If it is too old, it is better to replace it. They will remove your old heater and install a new heater. You can go for an energy-efficient heater to save on energy bills.

  • Bathroom Remodeling Services:

It doesn’t fall under normal residential plumbing services, but there are some plumbers who offer this service as well. Most of the plumbers Cardiff provide bathroom remodeling services. They will help you to redesign your bathroom and install new fixtures. You can approach them for tiling as well as bathroom expansion.

  • Inspection and Maintenance:

If you want to avoid plumbing problems, it is better to opt for monthly inspection and maintenance. There are many residential plumbers who provide monthly inspection and maintenance services. They will visit every month to check if the plumbing system is working fine.

Commercial Plumbing Services:

This type of plumbing service is not for a residential area. It is rather for commercial areas. The plumbers who provide this service are known as commercial plumbers. As we know, Cardiff is a popular tourist destination. It means there are various commercial buildings. Because of this reason, there is a great demand for commercial plumbers Cardiff. These plumbers provide plumbing services in all the commercial buildings like schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shops, supermarket, malls, industries, companies, corporations, startups, hotels, guest rooms, public places, etc. 

The commercial area faces more plumbing problems compared to residential areas. There are some plumbers who work as residential as well as commercial plumbers both. Commercial plumbing covers all these services.

  • Drainage and Sewage Cleaning:

This is the most common type of commercial plumbing services. The drainage system easily gets blocked in commercial areas compared to residential areas because it is used frequently on a daily basis. People don’t really care when they use commercial washrooms. They dump tissue papers as well as toilet papers which results in drainage problem. Because of this reason commercial plumbers have to constantly clean the drainage pipe as well as the sewer. The sewer can block easily because of the huge build-up of debris. Commercial plumbers use various tricks and techniques to clean the sewer. They use techniques like pipe relining and use of chemicals to clean the sewer. 

  • Hot Water Service:

Hot water has become a necessity in Cardiff. While it is not needed in shops and companies, it is certainly needed in schools, colleges, hospitals and hotels. Commercial plumbers install boilers and heaters to provide hot water in commercial areas. They also help in leakage and repair. If there is any problem with the hot water supply, they can help.

  • Installation Service:

Commercial plumbers provide various types of installation services. If you want to install new equipment in the bathroom, plumbers Cardiff can help. They install new bathroom equipment like taps, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, sink, mirrors and toilets. Most of the time, there is a problem with the installation of pipes and water tanks in commercial areas. In such cases, commercial plumbers can help.

  • Toilet Repairs:

In commercial areas, toilet easily gets broken and need repairs. Sometimes, the jet spray breaks and other times the commode. If there is any problem with the commercial toilet plumber can fix it. They can install new jet sprays and repair the toilet. They can also fix the problems with the flush.

  • Pipe Upgrades:

The plumbing systems easily wear-out in commercial areas. Most of the time, the pipes need replacement. Due to all the damage and constant use, the pipes will start leaking. It can either be a gas pipe or water pipe. In both cases, commercial plumbers can help. If it is an industrial area, a gas leak can be hazardous. Because of this reason, the owners need to call plumbers and upgrade the pipes after every few years.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance is another important plumbing service. Most of the commercial area owners call for plumbers to clean and maintain the plumbing system. It helps the system to last for a long time. The plumbers Cardiff can visit after every six months or three months to clean the system and to maintain it.

  • Washroom Installation:

Commercial areas need washrooms. Most of the owners call in plumbers to install new washrooms in the area. The plumbers undertake major projects to build new washrooms and to install all the necessary equipment.

Emergency Plumbing Services:

This is another type of plumbing services. Most of the people don’t really consider it as a separate type of service. It is an urgent plumbing service. If you face any major plumbing issue which needs immediate repair and maintenance, you can call emergency plumbers Cardiff. These plumbers are also known as mobile plumbers. They are available 24 X 7. You can simply call them and give your address. They will reach you in less than an hour to solve the problem at hand. If you face a major plumbing problem in the middle of the night like gas leaks, you can call these plumbers for help. They cover all these services.

  • Burst Pipes:

A burst pipe is a serious problem. Most of the time, pipes burst due to water force. A burst pipe can cause severe water loss. If you don’t fix it immediately, it might also result in water overflow inside the house. You can call emergency plumbers to solve this problem. They have all the tools to fix a burst pipe.

  • Gas Leaks:

Gas leaks can be toxic as well as life-threatening. If you come across this problem, immediately call an emergency plumber. They have special training in fixing gas leak problems.

  • Heater Malfunction:

If the heater in your house is not functioning properly or if there is a short circuit or something, you can call an emergency plumber. They can fix the problem immediately. 

  • Overflowing Toilet:

This is another major concern. Sometimes your toilet might overflow and create a mess. In such a situation, you can call an emergency plumber to solve the problem.

  • Water Leaks:

If water is leaking from your ceiling, you need to call an emergency plumber. If the ceiling is artificial, it might fall. A plumber will be able to find the problem and solve it.

These are the different types of services plumbers Cardiff provide. If you are a local resident and facing any such problems, you can approach any local plumbers.