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The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your house. You can manage without a living room or a bedroom, but the bathroom is an inevitable part of any house.

No matter how small your house or apartment is, the bathroom is a must as per survey an individual spends at least 30 to 40 minutes daily in a bathroom. It clearly shows how important bathroom can be.

It is one of the biggest reasons why people in Cardiff spend so much money on fitting a new bathroom. Remodeling or fitting a new bathroom can look like a simple job, but it can be very costly. 

On an average Cardiff bathroom fitters can charge nearly £3,500 to £10,000 for bathroom fitting. The price will vary as per the size of the bathroom. 

You need to be very averse while choosing a bathroom fitting service in Cardiff. Being the capital city of Whales, the prices and quotations to remodel a bathroom can be intimidating in Cardiff.

However, if you want the best service at an affordable price, you can go with Trade Force. It is your local plumbing and electrical company in Cardiff.

Trade Force: Your Local Cardiff Bathroom Fitters

Bathroom fitting can be a simple as well as a complicated job. It depends on the services you want. While some people go with remodeling and refitting the entire bathroom others only go after a specific service.

Bathroom fitting is a broader term which includes a variety of service. It will also include plumbing as well as electrical service. If you go with any other local contractor, you need to look for plumbers as well as electricians.

But with Trade Force you don’t have to undergo that hassle. It is a plumbing and electrical company which covers all types of bathroom fitting services. They have a professional team of bathroom fitters who have nearly 30 years on experience.

You will get a full range of bathroom fitting services be it fixing a leaking tap, re-installing new tiles or complete bathroom installation.

Types of Services Cardiff Bathroom Fitters Offer:

Cardiff bathroom fitters offer a variety of bathroom fitting services. No matter what type of bathroom work it is, they are fit to provide all types of services.

The bathroom is a place where we wash hands, excrete, groom ourselves, store supplies as well as take a bath. Some people also use the bathroom for laundry and getting dressed.

Because of this reason we need lots of fittings and fixtures in a bathroom. You need a bathtub, shower, washbasin, storage shelf, toilet, etc.

Most of the time you get these fixtures in a bathroom, but if you are building your house from scratch or wants to renovate your bathroom, you need all these bathroom fittings. It is when Cardiff bathroom designers come into the picture.

Apart from these basic fittings, you also need to take care of heating. Cardiff is a cold place. The average temperature can fall below 5 degree Celsius during winters. The water naturally becomes freezing, so a heating system is a must in your bathroom if you are living in Cardiff.

Bathroom Restoration and Extension:

It is one of the most common services Cardiff bathroom fitters provide. Over a period of time, the equipment and components in a bathroom wear out. The tiles get damaged as well as the taps give up. A bathroom is a wet place that gets easily damaged than other parts of your house. Because of this reason many people go with bathroom restoration service. They can help you restore your bathroom and make it new as ever. They will check the extent of the damage first and come up with a plan to restore it. Moreover, they also provide bathroom extension service. If you want to expand your bathroom or increase the size of your bathroom, you can opt for this service. They will expand your bathroom and install new components in it.

Easy Access Bathroom:

There are many elderly people who live on their own in Cardiff. Most of these people have mobility issues. They need someone to care for them. Taking a bath on their own can become a nightmare of this people. But with easy access bathroom, they can gain back their independence. Bathroom fitters in Cardiff help to install easy access bathrooms. These bathrooms are easy to access. They make disability adjustments in the bathrooms. It covers toilet relocation, installing walk-in showers, installing shallow baths, wet rooms and vanity systems.

Wetroom Design and Installation:

Wet rooms are the perfect alternative to traditional bathrooms. Cardiff bathroom fitters will help you to install a new wet room. People with mobility issues can use this room instead of the bathroom as the entire area is in level with the floor. This room is totally waterproof. It is more stylish and adds value to your house. A wet room is cost-effective and easy to clean. It is made of tiles and looks really elegant.

Plumbing and Electrical Installations:

Plumbing and electrical installations are a part of bathroom fitting. Instead of calling in a separate team of plumbers and electricians, you can approach bathroom fitters In Cardiff for plumbing and electrical installations. They offer both the services along with other bathroom fitting services. 

Bathroom Heating Services:

In a cold region like Cardiff, you don’t just need a geyser in the bathroom for shower; you need a centralized or main heater in the bathroom. This heater will ensure the supply of hot water in all the other water taps in the bathroom, including the showerhead. Cardiff bathroom fitters provide a main heater installation service. They will install special energy-efficient heaters to make sure the energy bills don’t shoot up. They provide boilers which are affordable and last long.

Full Tiling Services:

This is another common bathroom fitting service. The bathroom has tiles so that the water doesn’t seep. Along with flooring tiles, even the walls are covered with tiles. There are some people who use tiles for ceilings as well. The entire look of your bathroom depends on the tiles. Most of the time, tiles become old and wear out. In such a case, you have to remove the old tile and refit new ones. This work can be quite a hassle. Tiling is a very important part of remodeling a bathroom. If you are restoring, remodeling or building a new bathroom, you need to fit tiles. They provide a variety of tiling services. You will get ceramic tiles, slate tiles, natural stone, marble, terracotta tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. They provide full as well as partial tiling service. You will also get full insurance coverage and assurance. 

Bathroom Fixtures:

Apart from all the basic bathroom services, you will also get bathroom fixture installation services. Cardiff bathroom fitters help you to install various bathroom fixtures. Here are the fixtures they can install in your bathroom.

  • Bathtubs: They will help you to install bathtubs. You can choose the type of bathtub you want. Along with that, they will also provide water supply and drainage outlet.
  • Toilets: You can also approach them to install toilets in your bathroom. You can choose different types and styles of the toilet.
  • Sinks: Bathroom sinks are a must. You can get a new sink in your bathroom by removing the old one.
  • Taps: If you want to install new taps in your bathroom or if you are facing any problems with the old taps, bathroom fitters can help you.
  • Wall Cabinets: They can also help you to install new wall cabinets for storing bathroom supplies and towels.
  • Mirrors: Bathroom mirrors have become a trend. You can call the fitters to fit new mirrors in your bathroom to make it look more stylish.

These are the services Cardiff bathroom fitters provide. If you are facing any problem with your bathroom or want to change the look of your bathroom, you can call them.